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This event is a two stop experience; firstly to interact & "play" with owls & falcons for an hour followed by fun chat & drinks @ a cool & reasonably priced bar a few minutes on foot from the owl cafe.

Over the years animal cafes experiences have become synonymous with Japan. Especially cat cafes are very popular & well known and nowadays owl and hedgehog cafes are increasing in popularity too; so let's find out what the trend is all about!

Owl's Garden ( is nestled in the famous Harajuku/Jingumae district. It's quite a bit bigger than most of the other animal cafes and has about 20 different owls, falcons & hawks.

We've been fortunate enough to rent out the entire cafe for just us Meetuppers & HIS guests so we'll be able to connect with each other while enjoying a really unique experience - it's literally possible to pet the owls, falcons & hawks and if you're someone who dares to challenge you can experience an owl or falcon flight with the bird landing on your arm, head ..... somewhere ;)

This unique flight experience costs a minor additional fee of ¥500.

After the owl cafe we'll make our way together to the bar for fun chat & drinks to finish off the weekend on an extra friendly note :)

A breakdown of the event;

7:05pm - 7:10pm : Meetup time. Exit 5 - street level - of Meiji-Jingumae (Harajuku) Station.

Look for the Meetup sign. Going directly anytime from 7:15pm is fine too.

For this event we ask that you arrive on time so you can experience the full one hour.

7:15pm - 8:15pm : Make friends and enjoying interacting & "playing" with the owls & falcons :)

8:20pm - 10pm : Mingle, make friends, drink, eat, do as you wish :)

Joining fee :

Foreign ladies : ¥1 500

Japanese ladies : ¥1 500

Foreign gentlemen : ¥1 500

Japanese gentlemen : ¥2 000.

Who's this event for? Any animal loving, unique experience, friend making, drinks, fun times loving individuals.

Notes :

- One or two of the team members RSVPed /registered above are going to host this event

- For the owl cafe under 20's are welcome to join but for the bar it's no under 20's

- At the owl cafe the smoking area is near the entrance while at the bar the smoking section is separate from ours.




フクロウのお庭 ( は、人気の原宿/神宮前エリアにあります。他のアニマルカフェに比べて、お店は広く、約20種類のフクロウやタカがいます。





7:05pm - 7:10pm : 集合時間。明治神宮前 (原宿) 駅 5番出口(地上階)でMeetupサインを持って、お待ちしています。

お店へ直接いらっしゃる場合は、7:15pm 以降でお願いします。


7:15pm - 8:15pm : フクロウやタカを可愛がったり、”遊んだり”しながら、新しい友達を作りましょう :)

8:20pm - 10pm : おしゃべりしたり、新しい友達を作ったり、飲んだり、食べたり、ご自由にお楽しみください :)


外国人女性 : ¥1,500

日本人女性 : ¥1,500

外国人男性 : ¥1,500

日本人男性 : ¥2,000。



- このイベントは、RSVPのメンバーのうち、1-2人がホストになる可能性があります。

- フクロウの庭では、20歳以下の方も歓迎いたしますが、その後のバーは、20歳以上の方が対象になります。

- 喫煙スペースは、フクロウの庭では入口付近に、その後のバーでは私達のエリアから離れたエリアにあります。


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