Transformation & Growth Through Somatic Coaching

Transformation & Growth Through Somatic Coaching
Mon 27 May 2019
Monday 27 May 2019
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Special Discount for Friends of Diversity Dojo - price reduced from ¥40,000 down to ¥20,000 for friends of Diversity Dojo! (Please mention Diversity Dojo when you register in order to receive the discount.)
Come and join somatic coach Jonathan Joo-Thomson for a 2-day training on somatic coaching. Dates are Mon 27/Tue 28 May (two days, for those who prefer weekdays) or else Sat 8/Sun 9 June (two days, for those who prefer weekends), in Minamiazabu.
In this training course you will be introduced to the somatic coaching model for transformation and growth, working through the whole 'body' (somatics is a Greek word meaning 'the whole person'). The workshop includes a model for why we behave the way we do and how we can change, as well as tools and physical exercise to work on yourself or others.
- Business Professionals looking for ways to learn new behaviours or shift relationships
- Coaches or Counsellors seeking to develop their skills in somatics
- Teachers or Special Needs Professionals wanting new tools for supporting change with students
Other Information:
- No prior coaching experience needed
- The training will be held in English
27-28 May 2019 (2 days, Saturday & Sunday)
8-9 June 2019 (2 days, Monday & Tuesday)
9:30-16:30 each day
1-5-26 Minamiazabu
Special Discounted Price of only ¥20,000 if you mention Diversity Dojo when you register with Jonathan.
Please contact Jonathan directly at:
Jonathan Joo-Thomson is a certified coach with three organizations/coaching systems: Strozzi Institute Somatic Coaching, Organisational Relationships Systems Coaching (ORSC), and the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). In his work he brings together a blend of somatic, process, and systems intelligence work. Jonathan spent 20 years working in the field of diplomacy (focusing on poverty reduction, climate change, and conflict prevention) before moving into the field of adult and child education. He is now the Director of Operations at the Montessori School of Tokyo. In the last 7 years Jonathan has worked on training programs in leadership, communication, negotiating and conflict management in the UN and elsewhere, helping bring people and organisations back in touch with their fully embodied selves. He is passionate about helping others enjoy the freedom, joy and fulfillment that comes from living a life that is truly in line with their values and passion.

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