Apocrypha #8: Dear Younger Me

Friday  3 March  2017  7:30 PM    Friday  3 March  2017 11:30 PM
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Hindsight is 20/20, so they say.
As we grow and gain life experience we sometimes find ourselves looking back and thinking of all the things we've learned that our 13-, 21-, 30-, year old selves could have benefitted from. Through this realization, we may find renewed confidence seeing how far we've come. Or perhaps it inspires us to help others younger than ourselves. We may look back with new understanding and learn to forgive ourselves for something about which we always felt guilty or ashamed. We may feel plagued by regret; or we may make a commitment to change.
This evening we will reflect on stories on the theme of Dear Younger Me.

- And a fun aside on letters *From* our younger selves (ignore the video): http://www.today.com/popculture/hyperbole-half-inside-mind-blogger-allie-brosh-2D11617378

---Apocrypha is night of true stories told by their protagonists inspired by the popular storytelling podcasts such as 'The Moth', and 'Risk!'. Storytellers share intimate and emotional experiences from their lives, crafted into short 10-15 minute stories. ---

Entry for Apocrypha #8 is 1000¥ which includes a free drink of your choice.

Come share your story, let us see the world through your eyes and be regaled by the stories of others.

We are looking for storytellers, please message our facebook page if you have interest in telling a story during the upcoming Apocrypha.

Apocrypha is organized jointly with Yokohama Theatre Group, http://ytg.jp/en/

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