Drinks @ a stylish Nishi-Azabu venue / 西麻布のおしゃれなお­店へ飲みに行きま­­しょう :)

Saturday  11 August  2018  7:30 PM    Saturday  11 August  2018 11:00 PM
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Last update 12/08/2018

Main event page : https://www.meetup.com/tokyospontaneous/events/253410296/


Super 8 opened in the summer of '15 in the heart of Tokyo (Nishi-Azabu) and has grown in popularity on the Tokyo nightlife scene.

It's very stylish & suave with great acoustics and attracts a fashionable & upmarket crowd.

It's the kind of place that really allows you to wind down and relax over drinks while still feeling very sophisticated and classy.

Raul's interior is modeled on the opulence of the 19th century Victorian period, giving it an unrivalled classy and refined look. Hands down one of the best designed interiors I've seen from any venue in Japan

The setting may be upmarket but the desired atmosphere for this event is casual, friendly, fun and vibrant with a touch of class.

Two floors, an 8 meter high roof, spacious floor area and elegant chandeliers are some of the great points of this upmarket venue

Meetup has organized 100% exclusive access to the whole venue just for us! With boundless comfort we'll be able to enjoy making friends and delicious drinks together.

Further details about what's on offer;

Drinks : very discounted Meetup ¥500 drink list

Space: The whole gorgeous Victorian Era inspired spacious venue reserved exclusively for us!

Friends: A great chance to make new potentially long lasting connections.

A breakdown of the event :

7:20pm - 7:25pm : Meetup time. Exit 2 - street level - of Roppongi Station. Look for the Meetup sign.

Going direct anytime from 7:30pm works too.

7:30pm - 11pm : Mingle, make friends, drink, do as you wish :)

Joining fee : Includes snacks (chips & popcorn)

Foreign ladies : ¥500

Japanese ladies : ¥500

Foreign gentlemen : ¥500

Japanese gentlemen : ¥1 000.

Who's this event for? Friend making, social networking, upmarket yet casual venue loving individuals.

Notes :

- No under 20's

- Most guests are expected to be in their 20's & 30's

- The event space is non smoking. For smoker's there's a space right by the entrance.

Super 8 (ラウル) は、昨夏に都心 (西麻布)にオープンし、すぐに東京のナイトシーンで人気のお店になりました。



Super 8 は、19世紀のビクトリア調で華やかなインテリアなので、他とは比べものにならないくらい素敵で上品な雰囲気があります。日本で見たすばらしいインテリアの中でも1番と言って良いほどです。



今回のMeetupは、このお店を貸切りにします! 新しい友達を作ったり、おいし意味お酒やソフトドリンクを飲んだりして、思う存分に楽しみましょう。



7:20pm - 7:25pm: 集合時間。六本木駅 2番出口(地上階) のMeetupサイン前に集合。 2番出口は大江戸線よりも日比谷線からのほうが便利です。

7:30pm - 11pm: 友達を作って、飲んで、自由に楽しみましょう :)


外国人女性: ¥500

日本人女性: ¥500

外国人男性: ¥500

日本人男性: ¥1000




- 20歳以上の方が対象です。


- このイベントは禁煙です。(タバコを吸う方は、お店の入口に喫煙場所があります)。


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