Filmperformance with Katsu Kanai

Thursday  14 June  2018  7:00 PM
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50 years after the 1968 movement the Goethe-Institut Tokyo presents a series of symposia, exhibitions, workshops, as well as a film series, and asks at what point do our societies stand today?
On three dates we present three different film performances and talks with the artists.
This time we present the film performance of Katsu Kanai
For "The Stormy Times" Katsu Kanai has combined his Tanka movie "Dream Running" (1987), the haiku movie "Grasshopper's One-Game Match" (1988) and the cinematic poetry collection "We Can Hear Joe's Poem" (1989) to one performance. Originally conceived as an experimental historical drama, Kanai transformed the work after the sudden accidental death of the actor Jonouchi into a memorial of the unusual kind. In "Grasshopper's One-Game Match" Kanai talks about Jonouchi himself in an eleven-minute scene without cutting, alternating between everyday events and delusions. In "We Can Hear Joe's Poem" he quotes - based on a letter from Jonouchi from the hereafter from his "Shinjuku Station" and dives - crawling back and forth in the home garden - in memories of his deceased companion. At the Goethe-Institut, Katsu Kanai will accompany the film screening in the style of the original performance with live recitation by Jonouchi as a performer and reciter

Admission: 1000 Yen

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Goethe-Institut Tokyo
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