Improv Foundation WS at Studio Gokko Christiane teaching

Improv Foundation WS at Studio Gokko Christiane teaching
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Mon 19 August 2019
Monday 19 August 2019
7:00 PM

Just a reminder that workshops are now at Studio Gokko! You can get there in about a ten-minute walk from the following stations: Hatsudai, Hatagaya, Yoyogi-koen, and Yoyogi-hachiman.

The GPS should take you right there, but just in case, we are very close to a restaurant called Hoff:

We’re in an orange-tiled building with a cleaners and glass shop on the first floor, and our door is on the very left-hand side, next to the glass shop, which will probably be closed by 7pm and has グラスwritten on the shutter.

Starting in April I will be teaching the 1st and 3rd Foundation class and Huw the 2nd and 4th. Weekend improv will continue on a more varied schedule than before, due to our expanded impro programming in Japanese.


Here's where you begin your improv journey! Come and join other beginners and intermediate improvisors on Monday in exploring this most fascinating of art forms. Improv will make you faster on your feet, a better listener, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Our Impro Foundation Program has weekly classes on Mondays and usually at least one monthly 4-hour weekend intensive on a Saturday or Sunday. Workshops are taught by Huw Lloyd and TCS Director Chris Wells, with other members of the professional Improvazilla Show cast substituting when necessary.

Workshops are held at Studio Gokko near Yoyogi-Koen and Hatagaya from 7-9pm, though we can go over a bit when the spirit of improv and size of the class require it, and cost ¥2,000.

We work on improv techniques, from the fundamentals of character creation to the complexities of scene work. You’ll learn some of the games you’ve seen on TV or stage and how to play them well and tell great stories at the same time. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate improvisor, you'll find the classes challenging and fun!

Students usually go to a nearby restaurant after the class to chat and get to know one another, so it's educational and social! :)

The Improv Foundation Workshops are open workshops, so any native-level English speaker is free to come and give it a try.

Diversity Policy

We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone, regardless of minority status. Continued participation is at the discretion of the instructors. So be positive and nice to your fellow improvisors!

Improvisor Resources

Check the Improv Resources page on our website,, for lots of information on terminology, games, and more!

And join us on FB:

Hope to see you at Our Space,
Chris and Huw

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Studio Gokko
1-49-9 NishiharaShibuya-Ku, Tokyo, JP

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1-49-9 NishiharaShibuya-Ku, Tokyo, JP

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Studio Gokko
1-49-9 NishiharaShibuya-Ku, Tokyo, JP

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