Seminar `The Theatre Theory of the Apes`

Sunday  21 January  2018  12:45 PM
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Last update 22/01/2018

The seminar “The Theatre Theory of the Apes“ by theatre critic Hidenaga Otori tries to add a new perspective to the traditional canon of theatre history. What can we learn from the revolutions and world wars of the past? The participants of this series of seminars will develop visions for theatre of the 21st century with these questions in mind. In addition to the lectures by Hidenaga Otori, there will be regular discussion forums, where the participants will be asked to challenge Otori's theses.

Cost: 1,500 Yen / Seminar

Jan 21, 2018; 4 p.m - 6.30 p.m.

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Goethe-Institut Tokyo
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